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Basic knowledge of wedding dress fabric--yarn

and satin mature, elegant relative, yarn is youthful, lively, elegant. There are many varieties of yarn, the classification method is also different, the general textile industry is divided by its fiber and textile twisting way to classify. Because here mainly introduces the wedding fabric knowledge, so the wedding fabric common yarn listed out to everyone a basic concept. Generally divided into: Crystal Yarn, Eugong (Eugen yarn), ice yarn, two-color yarn, glass yarn, pearl yarn, snow yarn, mesh yarn, georgette (chiffon), European satin (in fact, a kind of yarn)

Yarn Fabric Characteristics: Use of diverse, can be used to do the main fabric, can also be used as accessories to apply in the local, soft texture, can show a romantic hazy beauty, All seasons apply.

Suitable for style: The layering style of rendering atmosphere, Princess type Palace style. can also be used in a large area of the long tail of the wedding gown, if it is a tight style, can be used as a simple cover yarn on the main fabric.

1. Crystal yarn: The texture is hard, the transparency is good, the weight is light and thin.

2, pearl yarn: Shiny, a view of seven color, feeling soft and elegant, suitable for lively, petite, princess-type bride.

3, Taffeta: Features are Qingshenjianfei and slippery, easy in the fabric printed on the watermark or wood grain and other floral patterns, suitable for summer and autumn wear.

4, Snow yarn: feel delicate and silky, light transmittance is not high, used to catch bright colors to make exotic dress.

5, Ice yarn: The grid is thicker, reflective uniform, moderate hardness, more used as cover yarn covered in the main fabric.

6, scarf yarn: Also called the grid yarn, as the name implies are generally the main materials of the veil.

7, Eugen Yarn: Relatively light and elegant, very thin and transparent, feel slightly stiff, suitable for the shape of the outline of the material. Import Eugen Yarn Price relative to the domestic high many, more for the higher grade of wedding gown or foreign trade wedding dress.

8, Chiffon (georgette): Fabric light, elegant, with silk flexibility, and light characteristics, soft touch, looks cool, more suitable for summer wear.