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Chiffon Maintenance

1. Do not hang the chiffon products long time in the closet, otherwise soft and relaxed chiffon will sag deformation.

2. Be careful not to touch the water. If the local dip water, simply soak the washing, the final stretch ironing to avoid shrinkage.

3. Do not dry naturally after washing.

4. Heavy decorative chiffon is best placed in the closet, so it is not easy to deform.

5. It is best to put in the cloth pocket, breathable will not be contaminated with dust.

6. Spray perfume to pay attention to distance. So as not to leave the macula.

7. If you are stained with red wine or grease at a banquet, there are two tips.

Method One: First with a paper towel suction, and then find soy powder or flour, suction dry surface moisture, and then gently blow powder, the stain is naturally sucked away.

Method Two: It is more effective to rub stains with soda water.