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Method of emergency decontamination of cashmere products

• Coffee or black tea

Solution: The towel can be stained with water wring dry in time. If you add a companion milk, wipe with a small amount of detergent. If stuck for a long time, then wipe with vinegar.

• Ice cream

Solution: Wash with a small brush to dry part of the brush off, and then use the brush lotion lightly brush (careful not to brush the ball), the last towel stained with water and dry light wipe.

• Milk

Solution: First with the hot water cloth lightly wipe, and then the remaining grease with lotion, if not wipe off, can try alcohol, when dirt cleaning, or to send dry cleaners dry cleaning.

• Ink

Solution: Wipe the paper with a tissue, rub it repeatedly with vinegar, or use oxalic acid.

• Lipstick, Foundation

Solution: First Use tissue paper to remove the way gently, and then rub with lotion. Because the lipstick will rub more and more, so people should be carefully wiped out by the outward.

• Fruit juice

Solution: Just touched, can be used cloth dip warm water to rub, if still residual stains, then can be used lotion to wipe.

• Wine, perfume

Solution: In order to prevent proliferation, first sprinkle some salt on the above, and then use soft brush off, and finally with a dishcloth stained with water or lotion, alcohol wipe test.

• Blood

Solution: Wipe with the paper and then rub with hydrogen peroxide, lingering blood, can also erase.

• Mold, mud

Solution: After the dry, brush with a brush, and then use the suction cleaner's beak. Finally, use alcohol, lotion completely remove.