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Wedding dress Fabric Basic knowledge--Eugong (Eugen yarn)

European yarn, also known as Eugen Yarn, also known as Koering yarn, also some people written in Europe and yarn; Eugong (Eugen Yarn) also has a name called: NT213.

English name: organza; Pronunciation: [Shan: ' gænzə]

A transparent or translucent veil, covering more than a satin cloth or silk (silk).

The French designs the wedding gown to use the Eugen yarn as the main raw material.

Ingredients include: $number pol, $number Nalon and polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon.

Eugen Yarn is relatively light and elegant, very thin and transparent, feel slightly stiff, suitable for the shape of the outline of the material. Import Eugen Yarn Price relative to the domestic high many, more for the higher grade of wedding gown or foreign trade wedding dress.