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Application Of Interlining For Textile And Garment Accessories What Is The Pan Wai?

Dec 24, 2017

The application of interlining for garment auxiliary accessories is very wide, interlining is used most of the garment accessories, buttons, zippers, webbing, trademarks, lace and other types of consumption need to be based on the design of clothing can be used, such as some clothes in the design is designed buttons, but do not use a zipper, but the interlining is different, Basically clothing need to use interlining, so that in addition to sewing thread interlining is the highest use of accessories interlining, also known as adhesive lining, is mainly used in clothing collar, cuffs, bag mouth, culottes waist, clothing side and suit chest and other parts, generally contains hot melt adhesive coating. According to the different base cloth, bonded interlining is divided into woven lining and non-woven interlining.