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Application Of Non-woven Interlining In Garments

Feb 23, 2018

The lining is one of the most commonly used interlining in the garment interlining, a lot of people call it the paper, its manufacturing process is in the non-woven fabric coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive powder, Non-woven lining is widely used in the field of clothing, non-woven raw materials for man-made fibres, manufacturing with a fixed-direction, telescopic performance and so on characteristics Production of non-woven fabrics used as garment interlining are mainly polyester, nylon and viscose fiber, from the manufacturing process: hot-rolled cloth, impregnated cloth, pp cloth, spunlaced cloth, etc., used as clothing interlining material to hot-rolled non-woven fabrics and impregnated non-woven fabrics mostly. As a result of Non-woven interlining it has a light, soft, adaptable, inexpensive advantages, is widely used in all parts of clothing, in the interlining market occupies a large part of the market. Non-woven interlining processing technology on the use of double point, paste point, dusting and other methods of production, hot-melt rubber powder selection is more inclined to low melting point of hot melt adhesive powder.

Although Non-woven Interlining has a very significant advantage, but its shortcomings can not be ignored, the main drawback is that the strength of the washing and durability than knitted interlining is much worse, this is the problem has been to seek solutions.