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Basic Knowledge Of Wedding Dress Fabric-Taffeta

Jul 21, 2017

What is taffeta? What is taffeta? What are the characteristics of taffeta?

Taffeta, English taffeta transliteration, containing the meaning of plain weave fabric. Also known as taffeta, is a plain weave weave woven high-grade silk weaving. The warp is made of compound twist and cooked silk, and the weft yarn is adopted and combined with single twist and cooked silk, and the fabric density is large, which is the most close one in silk fabric.

Taffeta is characterized by fine clean silk surface smooth, flat pretty, good luster, fabric close, feel stiff, but wrinkle after easy to produce permanent creases. Therefore, it is not suitable to fold and pressure, commonly used reel packaging.

There are many varieties of taffeta,

According to the raw materials used, there are: silk taffeta, double Bostov silk, silk weaving taffeta, silk weft taffeta, rayon taffeta, polyester taffeta, etc.

According to the weaving process, there are: plain taffeta, flash color taffeta, bar taffeta, jacquard taffeta and so on.

Plain taffeta is made of a single colored dyed silk; a flash effect is formed after woven into the fabric; the taffeta is arranged by the regular intervals of different color filaments and associated filaments, woven into the fabric, forming a bar effect; Jacquard taffeta is called the flower taffeta, is in the Sotav Silk Plain ground, to carry out the weaving satin flower.

Taffeta close fine clean, silk face flat, smooth and meticulous, feel stiff, bright color, soft and bright light. Not easily stained with ash. Mainly used for women's spring, autumn clothing, holiday dresses, down jacket fabric and so on.