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Brief Introduction And Operation Of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

Feb 19, 2018

Hot Melt Adhesive Film is a polymer with hot melt adhesive properties, which is coated with a high precision film head, and has the adhesive function of membrane adhesive material. Hot Melt Adhesive Film in the ambient temperature without viscous, non-stick hand, convenient transportation and storage, products similar to double-sided adhesive, the bottom is generally attached to the paper (film). The adhesive layer is usually placed between two layers of items that need to be glued, and the two layers of material are firmly glued by heating for 5-8 seconds and applying appropriate pressure to cool it.

Hot Melt Adhesive Film compared with other types of adhesives have the following advantages:

★ Environmental Protection No Harmful substances: Polymer Hot melt adhesive for environmental protection materials, no harmful solvents.

★ Bonding Speed: Heating pressure, cooling is sticky.

★ No stickiness at room temperature: Plastic film at room temperature for solid, non-stick hand, you can first glue film attached to the products together for sale, convenient transportation and warehousing.

★ Some material adhesion fastness is particularly strong: hot melts in some areas of the adhesive performance is superior to other adhesives.

★ Temperature resistance, washing resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, flame-retardant and other characteristics: can be based on customer needs for research and development modification.

As the hot Melt adhesive film has the above advantages, hot melt adhesive film in the following areas are widely used:

▲ Clothing Shoes and hats label stickers: Embroidery logo, weaving trademarks, PVC standard, leather label.

▲ Conductive foam cotton application: conductive cloth, copper foil, aluminum foil and foam cotton paste.

▲ Seamless combination: Seamless underwear, seamless zipper, swimwear fabric, a piece of bra.

▲ Composite Material: aluminum-plastic composite, wood-plastic composite, steel-plastic composite materials such as bonding.

Embroidery Badge back Adhesive operation instructions

※ Single or genuine embroidery badge on the pressure engine.

※ The Hot Melt adhesive film level toward the back of the embroidery chapter paper, face up to the heat version.

※ after the hot pressing of 110℃-120℃,3s-5s, the paper process is half attached to the state, half a minute will be separated from the paper, and the back of the Zhang Qi has been attached adhesive layer.

※ Use the Cutting tool to remove the excess scrap and put it on the garment that needs to be pasted.

※ Customers (clothing factory) bought with a good plastic side toward the clothing placed with the press or other heating equipment after 140℃-150℃,5s-8s (need to see the embroidery thickness and heat transfer coefficient) Hot pressing can be embroidered chapter firmly adhered to clothing, embroidery badge hot pressing to clothing to achieve high bonding strength, washing, dry cleaning effect of good requirements.