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Definition Of Hotmelt Film

Jul 03, 2018

Computer embroidery (computer embroidery) special "hotmelt film" - also called hot melt adhesive, hot-melt adhesive film, glue film, embroidered film, etc., this product is produced by using special materials to make use of blowing film and special film pressing technology. It is a new product to replace the traditional non-woven fabric (paper lining, water soluble paper). This product is used instead of paper nonwoven processing. The paper solves the problem that the paper lining is not easy to be stripped clean and the finished product is easily wrinkled after it is stripped, so that the product is defective and Fei Shiqie is not beautiful. This product can solve the above problems completely.

The production of hotmelt film will take three or four processes. It usually takes about three days to complete the whole process, but the production specification is flexible and changeable. The thickness can be produced between 0.020mm and 0.100mm according to the embroidery needle. The width can be 500mm to 2100mm according to the width of the embroidery machine. The length can be produced according to the customer's requirement (generally below 500 yards), and the product grade Do not produce according to the quality of embroidery and environmental protection. The color of hot-melt film can be made transparent, white, gray, black, red, green, yellow, blue, green and so on according to embroidery colors.

The appearance is divided into the front for the front of the press line, and the two sides are light stripe. The traditional agricultural film is used to replace the hot melt film. The traditional agricultural film has great influence on the quality of the embroidery. It is not recommended that the embroidery plant use the hot melt film for the generation of the film for the generation.


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