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Double-point Coating Technology Promotes The Development Of Interlining Industry Rapidly

Jan 21, 2018

At present, the use of High-tech interlining Enterprises have two-point coating technology, the application of two-point coating technology to improve the overall technical system of China's interlining. In part of the enterprise driven, some other enterprises are in succession, visible, High-tech is to the interlining enterprises to bring hope. The application of the enterprise makes the technology of double point coating be developed comprehensively. Interlining Enterprises use two-point coating technology to get full play, and some enterprises are still very innovative. Since the use of advanced technology, some of the coastal interlining enterprises have been very good results. It greatly promoted the universality and improvement of the double point coating technology in our country.

Double-point coating machine

With the application of two-point coating technology in interlining, it has promoted the development of hot melt adhesives, the use of hot melt adhesive fabric, feel, elasticity, change the original face of our country's base cloth. Therefore, hot melt adhesive Manufacturers seize this opportunity, in a short period of time to develop a large number of plastic species, the glue has pa gum, pes gum, hepd gum, Eva Gum, and so on, different glue produced by the interlining feel is not the same.

Now a lot of interlining enterprises will use the two-point coating technology, and the two-point interlining can be divided into three kinds: Double powder point interlining, two-point interlining, paste point powder interlining, where the paste point sprinkle powder interlining is the most widely used in the market the most popular interlining. Sprinkle powder, powder point technology constantly in the innovation, the products made soft, glue point clear, do not degumming.

The common use of the two-point coating technology has emerged a new generation of environmental-friendly interlining-functional interlining, functional interlining development more suitable for clothing requirements. The use of new technology to improve the quality of interlining, but also to the interlining industry to bring the development of replacement. Greatly promoted the export of China's interlining products.