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Horse Tail Lining Features And Functions

May 08, 2018

High-end clothing accessories horsetail lining The characteristics and functions of horsetail lining cloth, horse tail lining cloth is a kind of high-grade clothing accessories. Its performance characteristics are that the soft weft is quite elastic and is an indispensable accessory for high-grade suits and ladies' windbreakers. In addition, the formulation of Mawei lining cloth product standard is also an essential link in the standardization process of the entire textile industry in China. Therefore, the formulation of Mawei lining cloth product standard is of great significance.

The special performance of the horsetail lining determines that its main purpose is the chest lining of high-grade suits. Although the horsetail lining is only one of the ten kinds of accessories in a suit, it is indispensable and decisive. The performance requirements of the suit chest lining on the interlining fabric are that the soft latitude is quite elastic, the conformal and dimensional stability is good, and the wrinkle resistance is excellent, and these are the main performance characteristics of the horsetail lining. In addition, according to relevant data, the National Garment Quality and Technology Supervision and Testing Center conducted a suit product quality survey on samples from 20 large shopping malls across the country and learned that consumers have five qualities of “very, soft, light, thin, and firm” on suits. In the request, consumers still put stiffeners first. The description of crispness is currently the most important requirement for Chinese consumers of suits. And these are also one of the most important features that horsetail linings can provide as a suit suit. Therefore, horsetail lining is the first choice for high-grade suit chest lining.

When the horse tail lining is used as the chest lining, the horse tail lining cannot be saved. Only the horse tail lining can be turned into a chest shape with an iron, and then the surrounding lining is used to fix the chest. The lining of the province is well-proportioned and hot, and then the horsetail lining needle is paid at the front of the chest, and the peripheral burrs of the horsetail lining are pressed with the cover lining, and the two linings are integrated into one body. Then the arch series will be slanted. Every 1 centimeter and 1 line will be filled. After the chest lining is finished, the lining cloth will be hot and the chest will be pushed outwards. The chest will be pulled up and the chest will be hot.

The horse tail lining is made of cotton or polyester cotton yarn and weaved with natural horsetail. This lining cloth has the characteristics of good permeability, high activity rate, durable shaping effect, strong resistance to bending and impact, so it is not only Stiff and stiff, not only flexible but also soft, it is a rare soft clothing and accessories. In addition to the excellent performance of the wool lining, the horse tail lining also has the following three main properties.

1. Excellent elasticity. The base fabric of the horsetail lining is mainly made of animal fibers, and the elasticity of the horsetail is excellent. Therefore, the elasticity of the horsetail lining is unmatched by other types of lining cloth.

2. Has anisotropic characteristics. Due to the tissue structure of the horse's tail lining and the material selection of the fiber, it has a drape over the body in the warp direction, and has a quite stretchability in the weft direction.

3. Excellent dimensional stability.