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How To Choose Clothing Interlining:?

Sep 17, 2018

choose paper cloth cost price is relatively low, choose cloth cost is relatively high.

1. the interlining should match the performance of the fabric. Including lining color, unit weight, thickness, soft hardness and so on. Thicker heavy fabrics should use thick lining, silk fabrics and other thin fabrics with soft silk lining, knitted fabrics with elastic knitting (warp knitting) lining; light color fabric is not suitable for deep color; polyester fabric is not suitable for cotton lining.

2. interlining should match the functions of different parts of clothing. The stiff lining is mostly used for the collar and waist, and the liner of the coat is thicker.

Flat-handed linings are usually used at the waist of skirts and trousers and at the cuffs of clothing; stiff and elastic linings should be used for neat and straightforward shapes.

3. interlining should match the grade of garments. Washable garments should be selected for washable liners and the stability of the washing and ironing dimensions of the linings should be considered.

Liner materials, such as shoulder pads, should be taken into consideration to ensure the shape maintaining ability and ensure no deformation at certain time.

4. The interlining cloth should be matched with the equipment of the clothing production. There is a certain degree of technical attention in the use of sticking machine (ironing machine) or ironing bucket.


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