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Interlining Cloth Can Be Divided Into Several Types According To Purpose

May 31, 2018

1, shirts Fusible lining: requirements washable, shrinking rate is small, stiff and flexible. A woven fabric for the backing, using PE or PET glue.

2. Fusible interlining of outerwear: It requires resistance to dry cleaning and washing, and it is soft and elastic. The base cloth can be woven fabric, knitted fabric, non-woven fabric, using PA, PET or PVC glue.

3, leather fusible interlining: requiring low pressure hot, soft hand, poor wash performance. The woven fabric used for the backing fabric, rewoven fabric, EVA or PA glue.

4, shoes and hats and decorative adhesive lining: requires low pressure hot, low price, poor washability. Nonwoven fabrics, woven fabrics, or foams for backing fabrics can be EVA, PE, or PVC.