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Interlining High-end Market Development

May 06, 2018

Fusible lining has been developed in China for more than 30 years. From hand-stitching to the current development of adhesive linings, China's interlining market has also undergone tremendous changes. Fusible lining simplifies the process, increases the efficiency, reduces the cost, and improves the grade of the garment. This is an inevitable advantage of the new type of lining cloth. With the emergence of new interlinings on the market, traditional interlinings will be eliminated, and fusible interlinings will be quickly recognized by the garment industry. Fusible interlinings dominate the apparel market with absolute advantages.

      With the continuous innovation of science and technology, China also began to abandon the original production process, the introduction of foreign new technologies, including powder coating technology, powder coating technology and circular dot powder technology, new products derived from the new interlining There are powder point linings, double slurry linings, and powdered slurry linings, all of which were outstanding at the time and were very popular in the clothing market. Nowadays, the interlining industry has become more competitive. China's interlining companies have also made adjustments, discarded old ideas, and integrated new ideas into their existing production technologies. Their light, thin, washable resistance is a breakthrough, and development is even more distinctive. Competitive high-quality interlining. At the time, a high-end thin and light suit was developed. The suit was made of a double-point fusible interlining as the base cloth. The suit was made of strong and straight suits, four-sided elastic interlinings, low-elastic interlinings and various non-woven linings. These newly developed products were developed. Both are high-end linings in the early stages of reform.

       China has become a major producer of interlining fabrics and wants to take a place in the world's interlining industry. It is an inevitable trend to develop "high-end interlinings." What are the characteristics of "high-end lining cloth"? With modern demand, high-end lining cloth must have the following three characteristics: First, the green ecology must meet international standards, and now the world is advocating green environmental protection, many export products are subject to strict control; Second, taking high-quality performance, so that wearers wear beautiful, Comfortable, smart, sexy, healthy, this is a characteristic of "high-end lining cloth". Third, in order to meet the needs of more users, improve the image of high-end lining cloth in the market, and ensure the stable climax of the quality of lining cloth, so its characteristic is function. Superb sex, to give the wearer an elegant refined temperament.

      High-end lining cloth needs an image brand. With the pursuit of fashion by modern people, fashion, health, chic, and elegant have become a direction for the development of high-end interlining fabrics. Manufacturers of garments made in the world will use high-quality adhesive linings and other accessories as The skeleton, essence and soul of high-end clothing, the rapid development of modern garments, the development of garments has driven the development of accessories, and the high-end linings made with superb technology, the development of high-end linings in the future market is very impressive. This is the lining of our country. It is an inevitable trend to become a strong nation.