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Interpretation Of Suit Garment Accessories

Jul 03, 2018

Four explanations for suit garment accessories: the first explanation: someone said that you can pick up a piece of clothing except fabric and material, which can be regarded as clothing accessories. This statement is unscientific. In fact, the earliest material is garment accessories.

The second explanation: it is also a popular interpretation of suit garment accessories on the Internet.

Clothing is a project, including production and design, in which the process of making is divided into many links. The most important part of the process is to choose materials, material and other accessories in the material. The other excipients here are known as clothing accessories. It is an essential element for the expansion of clothing and decorative clothing, including zippers, buttons, ribbons, shoulder pads, lace, linings, linen, hangers, hanging cards, ornaments, bars, powder, hook, fur, trademarks, cords, fillers and plastics. Material accessories, metal fittings, packing case, barcode, and other related matters.

The third explanation: when making clothes, all materials except clothing are used as garment accessories. Garment accessories mainly include interlining, lining, zippers, buttons, metal fasteners, thread belts, trademarks, wadding and bedding, etc.

According to the different functions of suit garment accessories in clothing, it can be divided into

1, lining material (cotton fiber lining, silk fabric lining, viscose fiber material, acetate filament material, synthetic filament filament material)

2. Lining material (cotton lining, linen lining, wool bristle lining, horsetail lining, resin lining, adhesive lining).

3. Cushion (pads, pads, shoulder pads and buttocks)

4, filler (floccule filler, material filler)

5, sewing thread (cotton sewing thread, silk sewing thread, polyester sewing thread, polyester cotton blended sewing thread, embroidery thread, gold and silver thread, special sewing thread).

6, fastening materials (buttons, zippers, other fastening materials).

7, other materials (with class materials, decorative materials, marking materials, packaging materials) fourth interpretations: it is also our comprehensive understanding of clothing accessories when consumers buy a new garment, except the rest of the fabric is called clothing accessories, including materials, linings, fillers, Mats and trademarks. Waist belt, sewing thread, fastening materials, packaging materials.


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