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On The Influence Of The Selection Of Collar Lining On The Quality Of Shirts

Jan 21, 2018

What is the quality of a shirt, is the high force of excellence or pedestrian street goods? Some people say that the shirt is not good-looking fabric will know, but the collar is also the decision of its quality, collar lining choice is not to be underestimated; usually shirts are very strict in the selection of collar lining.

High-quality shirts for collar lining requirements not only to be washable stiff and flexible, a good shirt for the collar lining in the adhesion after peeling strong requirements, so the collar lining will use a high bonding strength of hot melt adhesive coating, then the bonding temperature will be higher (usually go to 160-170 degrees), So the shrinkage of the collar lining is more stringent, both to ensure good peel strength and to maintain the same shrinkage rate, so hot out of the collar will not blister can be long-term to maintain the collar stiffness and smoothness so that the deformation.

Often have customers with small knitting groove said xxx collar lining quality is not good, with the foaming, peeling strong enough, not resistant to washing ... And so on and so on, after a small series of analysis found that many people in the use of collar lining is a misunderstanding, the high price of the collar lining performance must be good, the good quality of the collar lining can be "kill", suitable for a variety of fabrics. Because of the thickness of the fabric, tissue structure, yarn weaving thickness, shrinkage rate, finishing process and so on, the corresponding requirements of the collar is not the same, for example, some fabrics need to use cotton collar lining, and some fabrics need to use coating for the point of the collar lining and so on.

Therefore, the choice of shirt collar lining according to the characteristics of the fabric to match, choose more suitable for the lining of the fabric, in order to more reflect the value of the shirt, improve the quality of the shirt.