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PTA Raw Materials Increasing

Aug 29, 2018

As of the close of August 28, the closing price of the main contract of PTA futures 1901 was 7,924 yuan / ton, an increase of 4.90%, the volume of sales increased by 359,000 hands to 3.034 million hands, the position increased by 113,000 hands to 1.44 million hands; PTA The closing price of the 1811 contract was 8636 yuan/ton, up 6.02%, hitting the daily limit. The trading volume increased by 128,000 hands to 311,000 hands, and the position increased by 30228 hands to 268,000 hands; the closing price of PTA 1809 contract was 9244 yuan/ton, up. 4.01%, the volume decreased by 19,044 lots to 77,266 lots, and the positions fell by 9678 hands to 65086 lots.

Beginning in late July, PTA spot led the futures price to open a strong rise. On August 28th, the spot transaction price of PTA East China was around 9150 yuan/ton, while on July 20th, the spot transaction price of PTA East China was only about 6,100 yuan/ton, and the spot price rose by about 50%. Based on the closing price of the futures, since the end of July, the PTA 09 contract has increased by 55%, and the 01 contract has increased by 35%.