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Selection Essentials Of Garment Lining

Jan 21, 2018

"Interlining is a material between clothing fabric and lining, it is the skeleton of clothing." Let us take a look at the lining of what use: conducive to the shape of clothing, stereotypes, conformal, enhance the neat nature of clothing, elasticity, improve the fabric of the drape and comfort, to give specific parts of the clothing reinforcement to strengthen ... If the style, fabrics and other clothing of the external performance is a clothing appearance or style, no doubt with the "skeleton" so profound words to describe clothing lining is suitable but. The same reason: the face of different styles naturally have to fit its bones, the choice of lining is also a big problem.

First of all to understand the fabric structure, fiber composition and finishing status, pay special attention to the fabric selection and bonding conditions. Master the fabric at high temperature pressure when the discoloration of the application to do before the pressure change color test. Master the heat shrinkage and shrinkage of the fabric in the bonding process.

Then according to the processing of clothing and lining parts of different selection of different interlining. If the men and women's Shirts selected polyethylene (PE) coating adhesive collar lining, its characteristics are excellent washable performance, shape, crisp, can be the main lining, auxiliary lining, cuffs, door lapel. The organic silicon finishing material chooses the field type, the adhesion effect is better. Coat should choose polyamide (PA) coating lining, according to men's, women's and fabrics thick selection of suitable varieties, suitable for large body, barge collar, bag cover and other parts of the use. Fashion, silk clothing can choose PA or pes (polyester) coating of the fashion lining, can give the clothing thin soft drape crisp style characteristics. The final consideration is the color of the interlining and fabric matching, especially the thin noise fabric to choose the corresponding color lining. The heat shrinkage of interlining and fabric compatibility, the requirements of no big difference. Interlining coating quality, requires a full coating of glue, no leakage point, no drop powder.

Choice of bonding equipment: Shirt adhesion general selection of drum-type continuous pressing machine, to grasp the temperature, time, pressure and actual temperature, time, pressure differences, so as to accurately adjust the process parameters. The upper and lower plate and conveyor belt should be kept clean, there should be no thread, flower hair, rubber powder and other sundries exist. The requirements of the pressing condition is that before mass production, it is necessary to optimize the condition of pressing and ironing, to determine the best technological conditions, interlining and fabric after the adhesion of the peeling, if the glue and interlining evenly distributed, it means that the pressing conditions are appropriate, otherwise the pressure to change the conditions of the test; Adhesion strength is high, adhesion after dry cleaning, washing test, dry cleaning, washing performance to achieve the requirements of the garment, adhesion effect can show the style of clothing, characteristics.