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The Difference Between Polyester Lining Cloth And Nylon Lining Cloth

Aug 25, 2018

Polyester lining: Polyester chemical name polyester fiber, its excellent performance and low price in the lining is widely used; polyester lining high elasticity is its greatest feature, in all fibers in the first place, polyester lining will not easily have wrinkles, good stability and shape preservation; The wear resistance of polyester lining is inferior to that of nylon lining because of its abrasion resistance. The polyester fabric is easy to dry after washing, but the air permeability is not good. The clothes of polyester lining will be sultry and uncomfortable. The polyester lining also has a disadvantage that it is easy to produce static electricity, easy to take up ash and pilling. Polyester fiber has super anti-microbial ability, not moth-eaten and not easy to rot mold, easier to keep.

Nylon: nylon (nylon) is called nylon, chemical name is "polyester amine fiber", "nylon" for the commercial name of the transliteration, now on the market is also used to call nylon, nylon is the world's earliest synthetic fiber, its excellent performance, rich raw material resources, so that has been used so far. Nylon lining cloth has strong strength and high abrasion resistance. Nylon lining has good handle, high flexibility, good elasticity, general wrinkle resistance, poor shape preservation, stiffness and easy deformation; nylon lining has good resistance to insect moth and corrosion, but poor air permeability, heat and light resistance, easy to produce static electricity.


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