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The Function Of Fusing Interlining (1)

Sep 08, 2018

The main purpose of using Fusing Interlining on clothing is to make sewing more rationalized and labor-saving. After that, with the continuous improvement of the backing cloth, hot melt adhesive, coating method of the Fusing Interlining, the function of the Fusing Interlining is also expanding. The role of fusible interlining in clothing can be summarized as follows:

(1) make the garment get satisfactory shape and play the role of skeleton. Without affecting the feel and style of the fabric, the stiffness and elasticity of the Fusing Interlining can make the garment flat or achieve the desired shape.

(2) improve the wrinkle resistance and strength of clothing. Applying Fusing Interlining to the collar, barge head and front of the garment with thin fabrics can make the garment flat and wrinkle-resistant. The clothing with lining is protected and fixed by an additional layer of lining, which makes the fabric (especially in darts and joints) less likely to be worn out by over-stretching, thus making the clothing more durable.

(3) make the edge of the garment clear, straight and beautiful, and play the role of embellish and beautify. Using adhesive lining at the folding edges of garments such as stop, cuff and cuff, hem and hem can make the folding lines more straight and clear, and make the garments more beautiful.


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