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The Function Of Fusing Interlining (two)

Sep 08, 2018

The main purpose of using Fusing Interlining on clothing is to make sewing more rationalized and labor-saving. After that, with the continuous improvement of the backing cloth, hot melt adhesive, coating method of the Fusing Interlining, the function of the Fusing Interlining is also expanding. The role of fusible interlining in clothing can be summarized as follows:

(4) keep the shape and size of the garment stable. Some of the shapes of the cut pieces are curved and the silk ribs are inclined, such as collar nest, armhole, etc. After using the Fusing Interlining, the structure and size of the garment can be guaranteed to be stable. Some parts of the garment are easy to be stretched and deformed in wearing, such as bag mouth, button door, etc. It can not be easily stretched and deformed by Fusing Interlining, and the garment shape is stable and beautiful.

(5) make the clothing thick and improve the thermal insulation of the clothing.

(6) improve the workability of garments. Thin and soft silk and single-sided thin knitted fabrics are difficult to handle in the process of sewing because they are not easy to hold. The grip property in the process of sewing can be improved by using Fusing Interlining.


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