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The Importance Of Suit Garment Accessories

Jul 03, 2018

In fact, in the garment industry, all materials used in textile and clothing products except fabrics can be called textile and suit garment accessories, which include various kinds of materials, padding, packing, sewing thread, fasten material, decorative material, marking material, packaging material and so on. All these excipients have a very important impact on the internal quality and external quality of the product. There is no doubt that any garment accessories are part of the product details. But details often determine the fate of a textile and clothing product. The design and quality of a set of textile and garment products, and accessories often play a great role, sometimes even more than the fabric itself. Small accessories, once the quality is not qualified, is implicated in the entire product and even the entire textile and garment brand.

With the rapid development of the clothing industry, consumers' continuous pursuit of personality and fashion, including buttons, including clothing, has been added to the role of decoration and ornament. The designer's proper use of textile and garment accessories can definitely make the finishing touches and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

The Eleventh Guangzhou international textile fabric accessories and yarn exhibition opened in November 9, 2011. Careful people can easily find that the functionality of excipient products has changed a lot in today's market conditions.

In the past, the zippers, buttons and lining of garment accessories were applied to clothing products with their functionality and practicability. For example, the zipper is used as a connector in the textile and garment products to play a connection, and the lining is only used in the inner layer of the clothing products to play a strong and strong role. However, after many years of development since the reform and opening up, China's clothing accessories industry has been quite conventional, the level of specialization is becoming higher and higher, and the variety of products is becoming more and more. With the change of consumer demand, garment accessories are turning from "practical function" to "fashion decoration function". The design of accessories has also begun to integrate into the overall design of clothing, becoming a fashionable and popular key element.

Today, it is difficult to find clothing products that are particularly decorated with excipients, both in the scene of the high fashion conferences and in the store and store. Color zippers, diamond zippers and flash zippers are already commonplace in the clothing industry. In fact, the zipper's decoration and artistry even surpass its practicability, becoming the new direction of zipper products in the apparel and apparel industry. In addition, according to the survey data, buttons on clothing products have only 30% connection functions, and the other 70% are decorated. A plain dress often appears to be different because of the ingenious decoration of buttons.


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