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Thin Interlining Still Popular Functional Highlight Advantage

Feb 21, 2018

Lightweight interlining in the spring and summer costumes have been favored by designers, lightsome, elegant, multi-layer effects, as well as soft as silk texture, let people fondle admiringly.

The light and thin accessories are popular in the market mainly 15D, 30D, 50D, such as water spray cloth series, because of the characteristics of these interlining is "thin", so in the lining of the production process has more stringent requirements, the technology also has higher requirements, especially for many ultra-thin, special fabrics, both to ensure sufficient tensile force, But also guarantee the adhesion effect, so the processing difficulty is still relatively big. Ultra thin linings must meet the following requirements in applications: adhesion, some must meet the high temperature bonding, while others are required low-temperature bonding, washing, to meet the 60℃-65℃ high-temperature washing, enzyme washing; As these thin linings correspond to ultra-thin fabrics such as chiffon, it is necessary to meet the fabric after bonding , no folds after pressing, no bubbles and no gel, such as the situation occurs, feel to be soft, resilient and need to be full of crisp.

These lightweight interlining colors are numerous, but they are mostly black and white.