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Wedding Dress Fabric Basic Knowledge-lace

Jul 21, 2017

Lace: Beautiful design, unique technology, after the fine processing, the pattern has a slight floating convex effect, the touch is softer.

Fabric Features: Lace is originally used as accessories to use, with exquisite carving of luxury and reflect the characteristics of romantic flavor, currently used as a main ingredient of the increase in frequency.

Suitable for style: Generally used in the straight body or with small trailing style, covering other fabrics, can reflect the bride's exquisite figure, if used as accessories, any style can be used.

Approximate price: foreign especially French lace price is quite high, domestic lace is much cheaper, the overall price is also moderate or partial.

Lace is mainly the different patterns, so there is no specific distinction on the species, the most is the pattern of the three-dimensional and not three-dimensional patterns.