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What Are The Classifications Of Tie Interlining?

Nov 02, 2018

The Tie Interlining can be divided into four categories according to its composition: polyester silk lining, pomelo silk lining, wool lining, wool or pomelo silk + polyester silk blending. Originally, the tie should be all polyester silk lining, durable and suitable for the characteristics of the tie. Pomelo silk lining and wool lining are basically used for export to the United States because of the quota system at that time. So the tie exported to the United States must be lined with teak silk and wool. Until last year, the quota was cancelled, but American customers have been using teak silk and wool lining. The soft handle is the characteristic of teak silk lining and wool lining, but in fact it is polyester for domestic consumers. Silk-lined ties are more suitable. Grapefruit-lined and wool-lined ties can be worn less often and easily deformed. Because American consumption level is higher than that of China, they usually buy a dozen ties, and the number of times each tie will not exceed five.


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