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What Are The Interlining Of Garments?

Nov 02, 2018

Large categories are divided into non-woven and spun fabrics, and the clothing interlining is generally divided into two types: non-woven and spun.

1. nonwovens, as the name suggests, are fabrics that are not woven.

The principle of the process is to form the base cloth with viscose under high temperature and high pressure. Then a layer of hot melt glue is coated on the surface of the base cloth by the coating machine, and then the non-woven interlining used by us is formed by drying.

2. spinning, the equipment commonly used is the key rod loom and water jet loom, and the polyester fabric is made of textile fabric. Its characteristics are strong pulling force and good elasticity.

As for the lining glue, powder glue was usually used in the market in the past. Its characteristics are large amount of glue, simple production process. The disadvantage is that the glue amount is large, and it is easy to produce penetration phenomenon. Now it has been eliminated.

The most advanced technology is the two-point process without base slurry, which is characterized by easy control of gluing quantity, strong adhesion, washable and other special treatment. It is now used by most manufacturers.


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