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What Kind Of Woven Interlining Are Commonly Used For Clothing?

Aug 25, 2018

There are many materials for clothing Woven Interlining, and there are many choices according to grade.

A garment is divided into clothing fabrics and accessories, and accessories include many, clothing lining is one of the Woven Interlining refers to some parts of the garment, set off, perfect clothing molding or auxiliary clothing processing materials, such as collar lining, bust lining, waist lining. There are many kinds of garment interlinings, which can be divided into several categories according to the use of the location, interlining materials, interlining type of backing cloth, interlining and fabric combination. The main varieties are cotton interlining, linen cloth, hair bristle lining, horsetail lining, resin lining, adhesive lining, etc.

1. Cotton lining is also called soft lining. The middle and low branch plain cotton cloth is treated with no paste and soft handle. Used for hanging noodles, trousers waist or with other Woven Interlining, to suit the requirements of soft and hard lining and thickness changes in various parts of clothing.

2. Liner is plain weave fabric with linen fiber as raw material. It has good stiffness and elasticity and is used for high-grade garments. Most linen linings on the market are actually made of cotton coarse cloth immersed in a suitable amount of resin glue, which is the main lining for suits, coats and Zhongshan suits.

3. The linen-cotton blended plain cloth is immersed in proper amount of glue, the surface is yellowish, and the specifications are thin, medium and thick. It is characterized by its hardness, smoothness, softness and elasticity, but its shrinkage rate is large. It should be pre shrinking.


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