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Woven Fusible Interlinings Introduction

The woven fusible interlining is the main fiber material for coats. The woven fusible interlining is an important raw material for the textile industry. The woven fusible interlining has good elasticity. In addition, The woven fusible interlining also has the advantages of strong permeability and good warmth. The woven fusible interlining is a relatively expensive fabric. The woven fusible interlining is known for its luxurious elegance and comfortable natural style.



In view of the wide variety of existing fabrics and other materials used in the clothing industry.

We suggest you do best to check the interlining, fabrics and pressing machine before garment producing in order to ensure the best effect. The datas above are for reference.

Woven Fusible Interlinings Parameter 

1.Product Type: interlinings&linings
2.Feature: Adhesive, Fusible,Water soluble,Shrink resistance
3.Usage: Garment,Suit,Coat
4.Coating: PA&PES

5.Composition: 100%polyester
6.Technology: Woven and Knitted
7.Color: White/Black/Grey/Others
8.Packing: 100 meter per roll or customer package
9.MQQ: 2000 Meters

Woven Fusible Interlinings application

1.Give beautiful curves and shape to the clothes.
2.Enhance wrinkle resistance and elasticity of clothing.

3.Improve garment drape and enhance the stereo feeling.
4.Prevent garment distortion and ensure achieved the anticipative design effect.
5.Reinforce the local part of the garment.
6.Enhance the sense of thick, rich and warm of clothing.
7.Ease sewing difficulty and improve sewing efficiency and so on.






We use strong polyester bags for the single roll packing.We can also pack 10 rolls per bag, also in bulk.

Normal FCL: 100meters per roll, with strong polyester bags.

Normal LCL: 10rolls per bag.

Loading information: 

Woven: 40HQ:200,000Meters

Non-Woven: 40HQ:400,000Meters

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